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Recycle your pumpkin!

Before you throw out your pumpkin, take a moment to think about how beneficial your pumpkin could be for your local wildlife. Whether it’s just the seeds, or the whole pumpkin, our native wildlife would enjoy tucking into an autumnal treat. 

Why not create a pumpkin bird & squirrel feeder for your garden?

  • Simply cut a circle from the top of your pumpkin to create a lid, then scoop out the insides and leave it to one side. If you’ve already carved your pumpkin you can probably skip the first step! 
  • Add some fresh bird seed into the pumpkin
  • Place your pumpkin off the ground on a table or chair (out of reach of hungry hedgehogs), or create a hanging bird feeder by pushing some strong sticks through your pumpkin and attaching some string to connect them.
  • Sit back and watch your garden visitors enjoy a feast.

Save the seeds

  • Birds love seeds of all kinds, especially pumpkin seeds, so why not dry them out and put them on your bird table?
  • Pop them in the oven to dry them out first, 180C for approximately ten minutes. 
  • Let the seeds cool, then place them on your bird table or in a dish off the ground.
  • Maybe try breaking up a few seeds to help out the smaller birds too!

Chop into chunks for squirrels, foxes and badgers

  • Chop your leftover pumpkin into chunks
  • Place into dishes off the ground for the wildlife to help themselves

If you are planning to leave your pumpkin or it’s contents outside, please ensure it is raised off the ground as it can upset a hedgehogs sensitive stomach.

Please note, it’s worth checking the pumpkin is free of mold, candle damage and wax before leaving it out for wildlife.