Our environmental policy

At Gordale, we believe we all have a responsibility to protect our environment. That’s why we’ve taken the lead with employees and suppliers, making protecting the environment central to our business.

Because we’re so passionate about minimising the impact of our activities, we’re absolutely committed to a continuous process of development. We want our business to grow in a manner that contributes to achieving an environmentally sustainable development, and we wish to reflect this in our business practices through our values and policies.

In developing and operating our environmental policy, we aim to make the requirements of legislation and environmental regulation the minimum standards to be observed – so we always invite new ideas to encourage sustainable development.

Together with our employees, we observe a number of commitments, which are set out in the following statement.


  • We encourage employees to turn off all electrical equipment, such as computers, laptops and photocopiers when not in use
  • We encourage employees to turn off any room lighting when not in use
  • Timers, sensors and thermostats have been installed to prevent waste of resources
  • We actively promote recycling both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers
  • We actively promote the use of recycled products and materials
  • We source and promote a product range to minimise the environmental impact of both production and distribution
  • We use local suppliers and produce wherever possible
  • We implement staff training to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and enlist their support in improving the company’s performance
  • We work with the community and schools to encourage awareness of the environment through education in the form of talks, school trips and tree planting and ‘Grow Your Own’ competitions
  • We plant trees and site bird houses on Gordale property
  • We work with local societies such as the RSPB, Woodland Trust and Cheshire Wildlife Trust
  • We have over 400 solar panels which produce approximately 80,000 watts of energy
  • We use recyclable cups and tubs throughout our coffee shop – we have also limited the use of straws
  • We have reduced the use of carrier bags by over 50% – bags that we do used are biodegradable

Performance Review

We will periodically review performance, wherever possible, on the commitments contained in this statement.

FSC Policy

Gordale is committed to the purchasing of products from a responsible source. To achieve, we ensure, where possible, that all wood and paper products come either from well-managed forests or recycled materials.

We believe that the best way to do this is to purchase products with the FSC logo. We believe certification by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) currently offers the best evidence that wood and paper products come from well-managed forests.

Gordale FSC Buying Policy

We ensure that:

  • Where possible, all paper, timber and timber products come from recycled or FSC certified forests
  • Where available, all tropical hardwood sold is FSC certified
  • Certified or recycled timber, timber containing and paper products sold by Gordale are labeled appropriately
  • All timber and timber containing products used by Gordale in property developments and maintenance come from well-managed forests

We shall not knowingly use:

  • Illegally harvested wood
  • Wood harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights
  • Wood harvested in forests where high conservation values are threatened by management activities
  • Wood harvested from forests being converted to plantations or non-forest use

Growing media and peat

The government aims to see a reduction and eventual phase out of peat in horticulture, both commercially and for home gardeners.

Peat is an organic material formed when plants in waterlogged areas die. Instead of decomposing slowly, they accumulate as peat.

Peat bogs support unique wildlife, storing carbon and rainwater and releasing it slowly to the rivers. Because peat is made slowly, its extraction causes damage to the environment, so we are committed to finding other growing mediums with either less peat in or no peat at all, as long as the end result is the same: quality plants that are safe, look good, smell fine, with the same water needs and good rooting structure.

Look out for the following logos on our growing media products:

Dragon Fly – produced by a full member of the Growing Media Initiative, Dragon Fly meets a strict sourcing code and contains less than 50% peat.

FSC – this compost contains wood products from responsibly managed forests and can be traced back from the store, through manufacturing to the forest of origin.

Please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff should you need any assistance on this or any other aspect of your growing media choice.