Biscuits & sweet treats

Life is sweet at Gordale.

We have a delightful range of ‘Best of British’ treats like Walkers Biscuits, Beech’s Chocolates and Honeycomb Jams, along with a wide range of locally sourced products you often can’t find in supermarkets. Plus you can find all your favourite sweets, like Uncle Joes mint balls, Jelly Beans as well as plenty more.

And while the shelves in our food hall are bursting with brilliant food ideas all year round, the choice doubles during the festive season when delicious cakes, puddings, mince pies, sauces, stuffings and butters are added to our already well-stocked shelves.

Here’s a lovely idea – why not lighten your load by asking Sue, our food hall specialist, to fill a hamper for you?

What do we stock?


We sell all the finest shortbreads, including Walkers, who still to this day follow the same recipe as first used by Joseph Walker in 1898.


We stock a wide selection of luxury and palette pleasing chocolates, from Beech’s fruit creams to the Chocolate Pizza Company-we’re sure we can cater for even the most experienced chocolate connoisseur! Why not try our A-Z of chocolates and see which is your favourite?


From ‘proper brown sauce’ to fiery tomato & habanero chilli, we have the sauces to compliment any meal, from dipping chips to smothering chicken, we have a  splendid sauce to suit your every need!

Brands in store

Hardy Plant Guarantee

We source stock of the highest quality, therefore when buying from us you can buy with confidence. For more information click here.

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