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Create a haven for wildlife in your garden.

We have everything from big brand products to locally made bird boxes hand delivered from just two miles away! The good health of your garden friends is vital so we stock only the best and safest products. Our wood products are made from recycled FSC timber – even our paint is water based and safe. They make great gifts – just ask our experts, David and Mark!

By the way, we offer local primary schools wildlife focused guided tours of Gordale and host recruitment days for our local RSPB branch too – lovely ideas!

What do we stock?

Bird tables

Entice more winged visitors to your garden with one of our beautiful bird tables. We stock a selection of colours and sizes, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect bird house or table for your decking, patio or lawn.

Bird feeders

From smaller suet feeders heavy duty feeders , we have everything you need to keep your garden birds fully nourished and bound to keep on returning to your garden.

Bird food

We have a huge and tasty selection of treats for all the feathered visitors in your garden. From berry flavoured suet, meal worms or Gardman Fat Snax we have everything you need to keep garden birds well fed and watered!

Hedgehog boxes

Encourage hedgehogs to take up residence in your garden with a specially designed house that is perfect for winter hibernation or summer safe keeping. The houses are built to ward off any unwanted intruders, providing the best possible comfort for the hedgehogs.

Bat boxes

Many bats in the UK  have suffered a tremendous population decline which is due to roosting space losses, feeding habitat losses and various other methods.

You can help them find a suitable roost by putting up a simple bat box. The best place to position a bat box is in a south facing position either in a tree or under the eaves of a building to give shelter from bad weather, but allow a few hours of sunshine each day.

Bee boxes

There are many reasons to keep a bee box or bee log, but helping pollination is the number main priority. As solitary bees buzz from one flower to another, they transfer pollen and play a vital role in enabling plants to set seed and fruit.

You’ll be helping Britain’s bumblebees to survive if you put out a home for them. These bees seek out cavities in which to lay their eggs. They do not work as a communal swarm and each female is independent of each other. This means that they do not swarm to protect the nest and this is why the bees are very safe to encourage in the garden.

Toad houses

Frogs and toads eat a variety of bugs and insects, which is why they are an interesting  and helpful addition to any garden. The habitat provides shelter from predators and cold weather, and would be best place in dry or damp sheltered conditions. Rotting leaves placed under the habitat will encourage frogs or toads to the habitat.

Bug huts

Fed up with aphids feasting on your roses? Want a new practical dimension to your garden?Discourage pests, decorate your garden and delight your visitors all in one nifty stroke, with our range of bug huts.

Perfect for the summer months, when ladybirds are at their most useful in controlling common garden pests, this quirky hut also provides the perfect space for hibernation over the winter, helping ensure their survival.


Plants to attract insects

One way to attract more bugs and insects such as butterflies to your garden is by using plants by which they are attracted to. Perfect examples would be Buddleja or Butterfly Bush, Sedum or Lavender amongst many others. We sell over 10,000 plant varieties so ask a member of staff if you need any assistance in making your choice!

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