As one of the best garden centres in the UK, we help make gardening a breeze whatever the season.

Whether you want to trim your hedge or prune your prize roses, we’ve got all the hand tools you need to keep your garden in peak condition, all year round.

We have a good, better, best policy too and cater for all pockets plus we stock big brands like Bulldog, Spear & Jackson and Gardena. Whether you’re ‘tooling up’ for a big job or looking for a gift, our experts David and Mark can help.

By the way, gardening tools make lovely wedding or new home gifts!

What do we stock?

Hand tools

If you’re ‘tooling up’ we’ve got it all, from forks, spades, hoes, rakes, shears, loppers, and secateurs, from leading brands like Spear & Jackson and Bulldog. We also stock lawn aerators and rollers, as well as hoses and lawn sprinklers.

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