Make a fashion statement in your kitchen with the beautiful products available at Gordale.

We stock a huge selection of fabulous kitchenware from leading suppliers like  Joseph Joseph and Zeal, as well as lines designed specifically for younger children.

That means fabulously stylish products to suit every taste in every home. We also have a constant flow of new products, so there are many exciting reasons to keep coming back.

We’re so much more than a garden centre. We help to create beautiful homes, as well as gardens. And when it comes to kitchenware, we help you serve food that looks as good as it tastes! Always a lovely idea!

What do we stock?

Kitchen utensils

Keep your kitchen spick and span with a little help from us. We’ve got everything from oven gloves and potato peelers right through to specialist chopping boards and sink strainers in fabulous multi colours – brighten up your kitchen!


There’s nothing quite like the smell of home made cakes and sweet treats, and we’ve got a wide range of  accessories to help you bake away.

Find premium quality pans, woks and casserole dishes – everything you need to be a master chef at home.

You can also pick up a handy cookbook to help you experiment with new meals and flavours.

Food Preservation, Storage

Jam making, pickling, apple press for cider/apple juice, as well as bread bins and cake tins – we’re big fans of homemade products, so if you want to pickle or preserve it, we’ve got the storage you need.

Plates, Mugs & Teapots

If you’ve just cooked a delicious meal or made the perfect cup of tea, why not enjoy it from an equally impressive plate or mug!

We sell a wide range of plates, cups, saucers and any other tea-time essentials in a selection of vintage, quirky and tasteful styles and designs.

Plus we now stock a fantastic range of teapots and cafetieres for exemplary drinks at home – live the luxury life!

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