Fireworks will be available for purchase from Thursday 15th October 2020, ready for your Bonfire displays.

Sparklers should always be used with gloves (gardening gloves are perfect for this). You will also find lighting wands (punks) which burn slowly and are unaffected by wind and rain.
Remember that safety must always take precedence. Don’t get carried away just because it’s Guy Fawkes Night or your special occasion. Don’t use fireworks too big for your display area or large display rockets in a built up area. Remember, it is illegal to let off fireworks after 11pm on any date except the 5th itself, when the limit is extended to midnight.


What do we stock?


We have a selection of coloured, silver and extra large.

Displays in a box

Most popular are single ignition boxes or “displays in a box”. This can be a perfect way to achieve an almost professional display by just lighting a single fuse.

Individual fireworks

If you would like something more customized for your venue Gordale would recommend individual fireworks or selection boxes but remember to keep a varied mix of ground based effects such as ‘fountains’, medium level effects such as roman candles and high effects ‘rockets’.

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