Turn up the heat

As the sun sets, and the evening begins to cool, your party doesn’t have to end. 

Take the chill off the evening, and gather round for fantastic garden get-togethers, with our range of striking chimeneas and fire pits from leading brands such as Gardeco, La Hacienda and Firepits UK. 


La Hacienda – Wildfire

With a deep bowl embellished with an attractive flame design, the Wildfire is perfect for outdoor cooking and entertaining. The substantial size of this model means that you really can create a ‘wild fire’ keeping all of your guests warm and cosy when the temperature drops. The full circular, chrome plated cooking grill enables you to cook up an alfresco feast and in no time at all, you’ll be feeding the whole party.

Size: 61 × 61 cm

Colour: Bronze

La Hacienda – Moresque

The Moresque firepit creates North African vibes in your outdoor space. Inspired by traditional Moroccan art, it features an intricate pattern around the firebowl producing soft shadows in low light. Relax by the flames under the stars or utilise the cooking grill to create Moroccan style food, taking yourself and your guests away to a land far, far away.

Size: 76 x 73 cm

Colour: Bronze


Made from steel and ceramic, ornately decorated with a mosaic design, the Mykonos Firepit looks great in any outdoor space.

When in use the tiled lid sits neatly beneath the pit and can be used as a shelf to rest your poker. It also has a chrome plated grill for cooking on, a safety tool and a mesh guard to protect you from the flames.

Size: 70 × 70 × 54 cm

Colour: Black, Blue, Stone

La Hacienda – Santana

Instantly recognisable as a contemporary La Hacienda design, the Santana Fireplace will very quickly become popular with your family and friends as a welcoming outdoor focal point.

Built from top quality steel with a tough black finish, the fireplace with its high smoke stack is very distinctive as a decorative object but comes into its own during dark evenings when warmth and light are at a premium.

Size: 58 × 58 × 115 cm

Colour: Black

Gardeco – Elidir


Traditional design, 100% thick cast iron fire bowl with cast iron scroll decorative legs, suitable for big fires and burning of any fuel, wood, charcoal or coal. The deep bowl can take large logs, is very safe and carries a 5-year warranty. This product is supplied with a enameled steel BBQ grill.

Size: 45 x 47 cm

Colour: Black

Gardeco – Marbella

The Marbella is an MGO garden fire pit which includes firetools, a charcoal grill and cooking grill. It also comes with a Magnesium stand, steel fire bowl and mesh guard which helps to produce a stable fire pit and an effective real-fire cooker. Furthermore, the innovative design includes a coating of both 400-600 degrees celcius supporting the reliability of this ideal product.

Size: 60 x 34.5 cm

Gardeco – Cubo (Grey)

The CUBO is a square shaped MGO-Garden firepit that includes a charcoal grill and firetools. The product is specifically desgined for use outside in open gardens and large patio areas. The CUBO features a stunning steel firebowl and mangesium oxide stand that combine to make it one of the most iconic Gardeco products.

Size: 60 x 34.5cm


La Hacienda – Squat Chimenea

Our pewter Squat Chimenea features robust cast iron legs and is a sturdy wood fired patio heater suitable for smaller gardens or terraces. Simple, stylish and functional, this smaller model provides a good level of warmth.

Size: 38 × 38 × 68 cm

Colour: Bronze

La Hacienda – Murcia

Cook up a wood fired feast of tantalising barbecue treats for your friends and family. With a classic black finish and understated design, these chimeneas will suit any style garden. Feel the satisfying warmth, treat your guests to tasty snacks, then relax until the stars are twinkling and the moon is shining.

Size: Large

Colour: Black

La Hacienda – Colorado

Style and function come together in perfect harmony with our sleek and chic Colorado original. Designed and introduced first by La Hacienda, it provides warmth and a soothing light from the flames of a real wood fire. Keep you and your friends chatting long into the night, gathered around and enjoying the good times.

Gardeco – Sempra

This traditional shaped chimenea is ideal for average sized patios, and comes with a metal stand and matching clay lid. Chimalin AFC is a new and unique fire clay developed by Gardeco, offering exceptional resistance to fire cracking. This chimenea is guaranteed 5 years against cracking due to thermal shock.

Size: 105 × 43.6 cm

Colour: Green, Caramel or Black


La Hacienda – Standing Quartz Heater

Even during the summer the evenings can be quite cool, so if you want to make the most of your garden and patio, why not invest in a highly effective Standing Quartz Heater.

Rated at 2000 watts, the quartz elements of this powerful and energy efficient heater have two settings and, along with the heater’s height, these can be adjusted to suit the occasion.

Size: 19 × 50 × 202 cm

Colour: Grey

La Hacienda – Heatmaster Popular

This superb parasol or tripod mounted electric heater is perfect for attaching to under parasols and can also be attached to a transportable tripod for flexibility.

Very flexible, the heater can be also be fixed to a ceiling or awning and on poles, emitting warmth as soon as they are switched on. The heaters can also be easily rotated to angle the heat towards where it is most required.

Size: 45 x 45 x 19 cm

Colour: Black

La Hacienda – Heatmaster Slimline

Even in the summer, this country isn’t normally blessed with warm evenings, but all this changes with the Heatmaster Slimline Patio Heater. Efficient and powerful, this parasol or tripod mounted electric heater is perfect for attaching under parasols and can also be attached to a transportable tripod for flexibility.

With a smart hammered black finish and three long heater heads for directional heat all round, this heater is both stylish and functional. Fits any parasol up to 7m.

La Hacienda – Tabletop Halogen Silver 

Ideal to accompany an alfresco dining experience, the eco-friendly 2100 watt Silver Series Tabletop Halogen Heater is a stylish and cost efficient way to ensure no-one gets cold. Due to infrared technology, only people benefit from the heater’s warmth, not the surrounding air. There is one heat settings and a lifespan of over 5000 hours can be anticipated for the long life lamp.

Size: 50 × 89 cm

Colour: Silver

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