Gardening tips

The benefits of gardening

Gardening – the key to a healthy life. 

With a huge amount of pressure being put on cleaning up our environment and caring for the planet, it’s no surprise that gardening has been highlighted as a potential remedy. It’s been known for many years that plants can help purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide, however it has since been discovered that plants also absorb other gases and volatile organic compounds. So not only will planting your garden make it look beautiful, it will also help our planet!

Lack of physical activity can have an adverse affect on your life quality, therefore it is important to try to keep active. With an increasing percentage of our population working at a desk all day, it’s easy to forget about exercise – which is why gardening is so important. Planting bulbs, mowing the lawn, potting up plants and sowing seeds are all rewarding gardening tasks which will help you keep active. And the best part – no matter what your ability, there’s sure to be something you can do in your garden.

You only have to spend a small amount of time outside to understand the effect green space has on your well-being. As you step outside into your garden or arrive at a local park you may be overwhelmed by a sense freedom and tranquility, which helps release any tension and naturally improves your mood. Many gardens are now being designed to include therapeutic features such as water fountains, herb gardens and textured plants with beautiful fragrances. So by spending time enjoying the outdoors, you will naturally be improving your mental health and happiness.

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