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Conveniently located on the Wirral peninsula and set in 15 glorious acres, Gordale is so much more than just a garden centre. We’re a multi award winning, third generation family run, destination garden and home store with a loyal team of helpful experts. Whatever the season, we’re always thinking of lovely ideas to ensure you and your family have a great visit.

Our history

Established in 1948

Gordale is one of the oldest garden centres in Britain. My parents, Harold and Joyce Nicholson, bought the property whilst working on a farm in Wiltshire. They arrived by motorbike and sidecar, along with their six ducks, while their cows followed by train before being walked from Hooton station to Gordale. We’ve always been a bit different!


Initially, my parents ran Gordale as a smallholding, producing goods for the local markets, and the original cafe was famous for its chicken salads – a luxury during the rationing of WW2.

In 1949

Harold and Joyce tried to sell Gordale at auction, so they could start a new life in Canada. However, while many bids were received, the highest failed to meet the reserve price set, by just £50. My parents decided to stay and make a go of it and we’re so happy they did!

Over the years, trade increased, and goods had to be bought in to supplement those produced on site. With the nation’s growing interest in gardening the lines sold rapidly, increasing to in excess of 20,000.

In 1979

After studying horticulture in England and Holland, I joined the company and we continued to expand.



Gordale remains at the forefront of garden centre retailing. We never stand still. We always have lovely ideas in the pipeline. My wife, Jill and I, together with our dedicated staff, would like to invite you to come and see why we are one of Cheshire’s leading garden and home centres and why, over the years, we’ve won ‘Britain’s Best Garden Retailer’, ‘Independent Retail Outlet of the Year’ and ‘Garden Centre of the Year’.

by Peter Nicholson

The Gordale Team

Our friendly, knowledgeable and long-serving employees are part of our extended family, so they always bring that all-important personal touch to everything they do. In fact, our wonderful team has helped us to achieve our reputation across the Wirral for being ‘a blooming good family owned and run business.’

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or you need a little help figuring out your perennials from your alpines, our passionate team is always happy to help. They love talking ‘gardens and homes’ – it’s what they do best. It’s reassuring to know they’ll always be on hand to help with any questions you may have.

From what size patio pot to choose, to how to care for your climbers, just ask away! When it comes to helping you create a beautiful garden and home, our staff will always be ready to share their ideas.

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