How green is your home?

Our houseplant range is one of the largest in the north, so it’s blooming with inspiration and choice. If you love filling your home with fragrant plants and lush foliage, we’ve got it all – from the exotic and the unusual to all the traditional favourites. What’s more, we only stock the best quality plants supplied by the best growers, both in the UK and overseas. Not only do houseplants make beautiful decorations, they also provide several health benefits including increased oxygen levels and controlled humidity.

As well as our stunning range of flowering and foliage plants for your home, there are stylish pots and planters to complement your décor, in addition to all the plant care products you may need to keep your houseplants in tip top condition.

Houseplants also make lovely presents and our knowledgable team can help you choose the perfect present from our stunning range, and even gift wrap it for you. Plus, if you require any information or a helping hand, be sure to ask one of our expert staff who are always happy to help.

Air plants


The perfect plant for busy lives, air plants are easy to care for and require no soil! Choose from our wonderful range of ‘ready-to-go’ air plant arrangements, or select an air plant and create your own craft decoration – what a lovely idea.

Bonsai LR for email


We have a fantastic selection of top quality indoor and outdoor bonsai trees available at Gordale, all planted in beautiful ceramic pots. They make ideal gifts, so why not come along and discover our collection of bonsai plants and accessories?



Enhance your home with captivating cacti. Available in a huge selection of shapes and sizes including a great collection of mini cacti! We have all you need to take care of your cacti including compost, feed and pots.




Our range of carnivorous plants are sure to mesmerise you, with their fascinating appearance and ability to capture and feed on flies and spiders. Discover our selection carnivorous plants at Gordale, including the popular Venus Fly Trap.



At Gordale we stock top quality citrus plants in a range of varieties including orange, lemon, and limes. Discover the incredible Kumquat with their distinctive flavour and edible peel. To ensure your citrus thrives, we have a selection compost and feed available to purchase.



Here at Gordale we offer an ever changing selection of flowering houseplants, so you’ll always find something special to brighten up your house. Choose from colourful streptocarpus, stylish peace lilies, beautiful anthurium and many many more!

orchid stock1


Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Miltonia and Cymbidium are just a few of the Orchid varieties you may find at Gordale, as well as all the orchid accessories you’ll need. Our range of top quality Orchids varies throughout the year, so if you are looking for something specific why not give us a call?



Want to make a statement? Our fantastic range of specimen plants will help you do just that. From Kentia, Areca and Sago palms, to Monstera, we’ve got a great selection of top quality plants to choose from. Don’t forget to select a beautiful pot to really showcase your plant.



Not only are succulents easy to look after, they also help purify the air, making them brilliant additions for any home. Discover our range of succulents in a variety of shapes and sizes including Aloe and Crassula.



Find all you need to look after your houseplant at Gordale. Our houseplant department is full of plant care essentials such as specialist compost and plant feed.



Discover our wonderful range indoor pots from leading suppliers Scheurich and Ivyline, available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes so you can choose one to complement your home interior.

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