We’re green

At Gordale, we never shirk our environmental responsibilities. We work hard to offset our carbon footprint and we’ve implemented some lovely green ideas.

Take our new solar panels. We’ve had 400 of them fitted on our south-facing roof. They take power to four inverters, providing a significant amount of our electricity and saving environmental resources and pollution.

FSCOur waste paper, cardboard, plastics, wood and metal are all sorted and recycled, and we go out of our way to recycle our green waste too. For instance, whenever we weed our extensive gardens, we collect the green waste to be composted off-site.

Where possible, our wood and paper products are sourced from FSC suppliers, giving you the peace of mind that you’re helping to protect and preserve our forests. If you’re in any doubt, simply look for the FSC logo on our products.

Our Gordale carrier bags and boot liners are fully biodegradable and kind to the environment. We’re very proud of our free plastic plant pot recycling service too. This lovely idea enables you to return your used plastic plant pots to be recycled.

We really try to be green and, if you shop at Gordale, it means you’re being greener too – a lovely idea!

Winner of DIY Week Sustainability Award 2019!