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Our enthusiastic garden care experts, David and Mark, have over 50 years’ experience and know-how between them.

They can sort you out with products for every stage of your garden’s life cycle – from rooting powder and seed, composts, plant and lawn feeds, sprays and other potions for warding off unwanted guests, to troughs and baskets, arches and obelisks. If you need to hold it up or pin it down, this department is equipped to deal with the nuts and bolts of gardening.

We also have gardening attire in our clothing department, as well as comfy waterproof kneel pads – or how about a stool and a flask to enjoy a rest and a drink after a job well done? Lovely!

What do we stock?


The use of pesticides and fertilisers is having a huge environmental impact, globally. So here at Gordale, as well as having everything you need to control pests or feed your plant, we also have many alternatives, enabling you to make an informed decision. If you need help deciding, just ask a member of our friendly team.


Give your plant the perfect start. We’ve got composts coming out of our ears, including specialised composts for ericaceous plants, citrus, even bonsai and orchid, available in various sizes. Oh, and if the bag’s too heavy, just ask – a member of our team will be happy to carry it to your car.


We have watering solutions for every kind of English country garden – from hoses and sprinklers to timers, computers and entire irrigation systems. Whether you want to water your lawn, baskets or entire garden, we have the solution, as well as experts on tap to make sure you walk away with the right watering system.

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We source stock of the highest quality, therefore when buying from us you can buy with confidence. For more information click here.

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