We're GREEN!

At Gordale, we believe we all have a responsibility to protect our environment. That’s why we’ve taken the lead with employees and suppliers, making protecting the environment central to our business.

Because we’re so passionate about minimising the impact of our activities, we’re absolutely committed to a continuous process of development. We want our business to grow in a manner that contributes to achieving an environmentally sustainable development, and we wish to reflect this in our business practices through our values and policies.

In developing and operating our environmental policy, we aim to make the requirements of legislation and environmental regulation the minimum standards to be observed – so we always invite new ideas to encourage sustainable development.


We recycle…
as much as we can including all our waste cardboard, plant pots, polythene, metal, wood and paper.


We have 5 acres of natural woodland…
that captures approximately 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year!


We provide homes for wildlife…
in our natural woodland, wildflower meadow and our NEW wilding project.


We are committed to helping bees…
in our wildflower meadow we have four bee hives, home to many honey bees.


We have 400 solar panels…
producing around 80,000 watts of energy, that’s enough to power over 1333 60-watt light bulbs.


We are changing all our carrier bags…
to compostable bags made from corn starch.

Wilding Project

We buy from local producers…
helping to reduce our carbon footprint, whilst helping our local community.


We hand pick our products…
to ensure we sell products that are kind to the environment.


We endeavour to provide peat-free alternatives…
over two thirds of our compost is now completely peat-free.


We sell products to make recycling easier…
including a range of water butts to help collect and reuse rainwater.

Recycle your old electricals here!

Our WEEE recycling policy.

If you are buying a new electrical item from us, we will recycle your old one for FREE. Simply bring the old electrical item in within 28 days, show us the receipt for its replacement and we’ll do the rest.

You can also find local recycling points for your old electricals here. Recycle Your Electricals - WEEE Recycling - Material Focus

Why recycle?

Recyling and reusing unwanted electrical or electronics can help save the planet, boost the economy and improve lives. Not only that, electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) contains materials, parts and substances which can be dangerous to the environment and harmful to human health is not disposed of correctly. Electrical and electronic equipment is now the fastest growing waste stream in the UK and across the world. Discover the impact of reusing and recycling your electricals here Recycle Your Electricals campaign.Recycle Your Electricals - WEEE Recycling - Material Focus

What can I recycle?

Anything with a plug, battery or cable can be recycled or reused! The materials from recycled electricals can be used in everything from children’s playgrounds to lifesaving equipment, while donated tech can help bridge the digital divide. You’ll find this symbol on all your electrical items. It is a reminder to recycle your old electricals, rather than binning them. Recycling electrical items | Newcastle City Council

Reducing waste electricals

As part of our commitment to reducing the amount of unwanted electrical waste being incinerated or sent to landfill sites, we’ll recycle your old electricals free of charge when you buy new ones. Together we can stop precious resources from bring lost forever, save lives and help protect the planet. Every year, we collect, reuse and recycle thousands of tonnes of old electrical and electronic equipment. We take all your old electricals to a recycling plant for processing and separate into individual materials, so they can be turned into new, more useful things. Watch this film about how your old electricals are recycled. Waste Electrical and Electronic equipment (WEEE) is regulated by the UK Government. Find out more here. We’re proud to be working with the national Recycle Your Electrics campaign.

School talks

We also offer wildlife-focused guided talks and tours of Gordale for local primary schools. It’s all part of our commitment to doing our bit for local wildlife and community. If you’re a teacher looking to organise a fun and educational field trip then don’t hesitate to contact us today.
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